About Nanny Teddy

Once upon a time, a Nanny Teddy gave her own baby, Toni, a beautiful satin blanket. She loved it and slept with it (and still does.)

Two years later, she gave her next little girl, Barb, another beautiful satin blanket. She loved it and slept with it.

It became a welcome tradition… Nanny Teddy gave beautiful satin blankets to all her 25 grandchildren and great grandchildren and dozens of friends. One day she wanted to purchase one, but couldn’t find them anywhere. The blanket company no longer made them!

Two of her granddaughters, Koren and Betsy, decided that the traditional gift of a satin blanket (but not just any satin blanket) should continue. The industrious women set out to have a satin blanket created that Nanny Teddy herself would be proud to give. After all, it is her legacy.

Today, Nanny Teddy blankets can be found in baby carriages and cribs through out the country… providing warmth, comfort and security for parents’ little bundles of joy.